The weekend …

is amost here! I have been working a strange schedule lately that doesn’t give me regular “Monday thru Friday, nine-to-five” work-days, but it works out that I get a nice, long, 4th of July weekend. I don’t have too many plans, aside from taking photos of the fireworks and going over to a friend’s house. I’ll probably just do the regular-stuff-that-normal-people-do-on-the-weekend thing …. mow the lawn, clean the house, feed the cats. Ah, the life.

I lately realized that as I move from place to place, I find myself missing all the places I’ve been to over the last 6 years. When I was in Japan I couldn’t wait to leave. But now that I’m gone I can list off all of the reasons that it would have been nice to stay! The weather was great there (perfect running weather … aside from the snow!), it was quiet and safe, the people were friendly, and even my job was great. I always seem to see these things too far after the fact, and I’m trying to learn how to appreciate what I have now, instead of waiting until after I move again. Okay, so I do live in Hawaii, and you might think it’s easy to live in a place where the sun always shines, the days are always warm, and I can see both the mountains and the ocean on my drive to-and-from work everyday. But, I am a mid-western girl. Give me a few cloudy, cool, stormy days … I’ll be there with my camera trying to take pictures of lightening! I already miss things like cold weather, snow, and the bugs singing early in the evening telling everyone that summer is finally here. But what I need to do is look past all that and just enjoy all of this beautiful weather … because one day I’ll be back on the mainland in the middle of winter, wishing I was still here in Hawaii!

Well, only a week-and-a-half before I’m home on leave :) I’m so excited to see everyone! I’m almost broke now after paying for my plane ticket, but it’s well worth it. (Plus, I was able to upgrade to First Class on my trip home … thank you, frequent flyer miles!) I’m gonna be a picture taking fool ove the next few weeks. I’m taking my “real” camera, meaning my Nikon F4, plus my tripod, on the trip, and I plan on using all of my film up. I have my sights on a new camera, which is basically the digital equivilant to the one I have now … now all I need is the $$$. After that, watch out world! I’ll be looking at life through a lens for the rest of my existence once I have that beautiful camera ;)

I’ve written enough … it’s time for me to clean the kitchen and go for a walk. Life is full of excitement, don’t you think! ;)

Photo taken in Misawa, Japan, and is copyright Nicole Young, 2004.

One thought on “The weekend …

  1. hi! i just added your blog to my favorite’s list! it’s nice to be able to see what you all are up to. keep in touch. you have a package on the way

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