One of my favorite past-times, if you can’t already tell or don’t already know, is photography. I was a huge shutterbug when I was a teenager … and I’ve been trying to re-kindle that flame lately. Back then, almost all you could work with was film, which I still love, but the world of digital photography has made so many things possible! I’m in the process now of trying to digi-tize all of my old negatives, but since I have hundreds of rolls worth of negative, it will be a slow process … mostly because of the cost for that many negatives. Looking back on all of my old photos really brings back good memories, and some of those is just remembering how much I enjoyed my hobby. (I took this photo 8 years ago; it was a huge cloud right before a beautiful lightening storm … I’ll post the photo from the storm later on.)

Not too much is going on for me, right now. It’s just me and my cats at home by myself right now until Ace gets back … I do get to leave in four days for home, though :) It will be a very nice break for me, to get away from this monotony! My schedule has been changing over the last few months, but it’s finally settled on a fixed time. I do shift-work, from 0330-1130. It’s not too bad, cause I don’t mind getting up in the morning … it’s just coming home and trying to stay awake until my normal bedtime that’s tough. I’m really not sure why I can’t do it. Maybe cause I don’t have anyone (but my cats) to keep me company at home. Ah, well … only a little longer and I will have my husband back!

Photo taken in Lincoln, NE and is Copyright Nicole Young, 1997.


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