So, I was putting my laundry in the dryer, and all of a sudden I hear the doorbell — maybe. The washer/dryer is in the downstairs half bathroom, which is immediately to your left when you walk in our door, so it’s possible I was just hearing things … ironically it’s harder to hear the doorbell from that room and it’s right next to the door. So, anyways, I look in the peephole … no one there. So I open the door just to be sure it wasn’t a neighbor kid (they are constantly throwing balls and other odd objects in our backyard … we’re fenced-in so no one can access it but us) and all of a sudden someting jumps on my hand! I thought it was a gecko … no big deal, see them all the time. So my cats start chasing around whatever it was, and it happened to be a huge cockroach! Yuck! I turn into girly-girl when I see huge gross bugs and usually I’m throwing out little girl screams while I’m trying to chase/kill/run away from the thing. So I was kind of relying on my cats to “clean up” the mess … they wouldn’t stop playing with the darn thing! I finally had to beat it down with a stick and get it into a cup to throw it outside. Those cats will eat a gecko faster than they will kill a bug … they don’t get outside much. At least it wasn’t a giant centipede … one time seeing one of those things in my house was enough to scare the poop out of me for a lifetime!


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