Well, it’s official, both Ace and I are going to be advanced to E-6! I just found out yesterday, and poor Ace probably won’t find out until he gets home :( A lot of people made it this cycle … congrats to everyone! We’ll probably get frocked sometimes next week, and I’m crossing my fingers for 1st increment for both of us! It was definitely good news for me yesterday, since I woke up with a touch of food poisoning … at least, that’s all I could figure it could have been. I’m still in recovery today from it, and lucky for me, I had today and yesterday off from work. Go figure.

( I just got a few more negatives put onto a CD, and this photo is one I took back in ’98 when I was in France.)

Photo taken in Paris, France and is Copyright Nicole Young, 1998.


4 thoughts on “Selected!

  1. Congrats to both you and Ace, Niki, I’m right there with you!!! Miss you guys, and I’ll be in Hawaii in about a year, so save me a cup of tea and a good long chat.Kate

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