I’m slowly learning what it is I like about the holidays. I’ve always loved everything about them … seeing family, all the lights and decoration, and all the yummy food. But, I guess in trying to re-create what it is I feel Christmas should feel like at home, I am noticing all the little things that I wish it could be. I’ve got the Christmas tree up already (I couldn’t wait … ), some decorations, and a few presents already under the tree. I still need the smell of apples and cinnamon … I have some potpourri for that but I think it’s lacking in aromatic strength. I don’t have nearly as many decorations and knick-knacks around the house as I’m used to, but I have lots of lights, so I think that makes up for it (notice the tree lights above … I think that’s what they look like to someone after too much egg nog). But the one thing that I can’t even come close to re-creating, aside from having my entire family over, is my favorite of all … cold weather and snow. I’ve decided that on Christmas Eve I’m going to shut all the blinds, make sure that the a/c is down to (at most) 60 degrees, and then I’m not going to go outside all day on Christmas so maybe I’ll forget I’m in Hawaii. This place wouldn’t be so bad if it would only snow every once in a while ;)


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