Good Stuff

Well, I think I’ve neglected my blog long enough. Things have been very busy … I was on leave for a few weeks, and my parents came to visit over Christmas. It was “go, go, go!” every day for a week — very fun but it’s nice to be back to normal in a way! One nice thing about having guests is that I usually see things on the island I haven’t seen yet, like the Pearl Harbor memorials (this photo is of the flag flying over the USS Arizona Memorial). I’m back at work now for the next few days, and next week I start six beautiful weeks of training, meaning I don’t have to get up at 2 am for a while! As far as other good news goes, I recently found out that I made first increment on the advancement cycle … this means I start getting paid for E-6 next month for instead of waiting until June :) So, lots of good things going on right now … life’s pretty good!

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