Just last night I finished reading (for the second time) my absolute favorite book: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. If you like to read, you have got to read this book. Anything I can say about it can’t even come close to giving it the amount of praise it deserves, but here goes … it’s a love story and a suck-you-in drama, with a twist of sci-fi, that will make you laugh and cry (and any book that can get bawling-my-eyes-out emotion out of me is a keeper!). You get so involved in the characters, and the story is just so darn good and amazingly put together that it’s unlike any book out there. I have seen online that it might be made into a movie, which would be a very good movie if it’s done right (or, it could be really bad in comparison … have you ever read the Michael Chrichton book Sphere … and then seen the movie?) I am just putting this out there like you would a box of delicious cookies your mom made — you know they taste soooo good and you just want to share them with all your friends! I hope you all get the chance one day to experience this novel.


2 thoughts on “Book

  1. I’m still reading the book; I know, I’m so slow! I don’t think it will be my favorite book ever, but it is pretty good so far and I appreciate its uniqueness. I can defintely see why you like it!

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