Once again, I’ve been neglecting my blog. I was in a class all last month and the first half of this month, but now it’s over and I’m back to the regular grind of monotonous work, waking up at 2 am, not getting enough sleep, breathing recycled air that gives me a dry cough every night … oh, and not to mention I’ve been studying for my language test I have to take in a week that will literally determine my work evaluation for entire next year. After that I will either be in a really good mood, or a really bad mood … tune in at the end of next week to find out! :) Things aren’t really that bad, it’s just a quick update of the stress I’ve been putting myself through for about a month or so. But I’ve been doing a lot of studying, and I have a very good feeling about it so I’m praying and crossing my fingers that I will do well :)

On the lighter side of things, I just got my new Casio Exilim digital camera in the mail today. Yay! I was playing around with it and thought I’d take a photo of tonight’s dinner … turkey enchiladas. They were quite tasty, yet remarkably healthy, despite their appearance. I’ve been trying to lose weight over the last month or so. It sounds kind-of silly, but I’m actually using Weight Watchers Online to do it, too! I’m steady at 1 lb per week, which is perfect. I never feel too hungry or deprived, and I’m learning a lot about how to eat healthy. I was never really overweight, and I didn’t eat bad at all, but I’ve been maintaining the same weight for the last 6 years and thought I’d try and trim down a bit. So far so good :) In three or four months, if I keep it up and I’ve reached my “goal”, I’ll post some photos so you all can see the difference.