Good Times

Last month Ace and I ran the Great Aloha Run for the second year in a row. It’s an approximate 8-mile run starting off in downtown Honolulu at the Aloha Tower, and it finishes at the Aloha Stadium. We took our time and just ran at a steady pace … both of us finished at 1:32:34. I love stuff like that. I’m seriously considering running in a half-marathon this summer, too. I better start training!

Things seem to be going well overall, almost. It seems like everything is going great, but then there’s that one area that can just put a downer on everything … but then again who is completely satisfied with their work environment and leadership? This place is so odd and complicated to me. I hate work politics. Hopefully things will take a positive turn for me in the near future — I put in for the fitness-leader job at the command, and with a little luck I might actually get it. There are some forces working against my chances (mainly my division trying to keep a tight grip on all of their workers and not letting anyone leave), but ya never know. I should find out next week. That will improve my quality of life sooooo much if I land that position! I hope karma doesn’t work against me on this one … I’ve accomplished everything I’ve gone after this year so far, so I’m thinking that maybe I’ve reached my limit on fortune. I sure hope not … wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. NikiI’m going to run a half marathon on the big island, you should run it too! :) My girl friend and I are spending a few days out there and I’m running it as part of that :) Anyway congrats on the GAR, I love running that last year, so much fun :)Josh G

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