Baby Nephew

Meet my new baby nephew :) What a cutie!

Hunter Maurice Newcomer
Born: May 24, 2006
Birth Time: 7:31 pm
@ Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
Weight: 5 lbs 14 oz
Length: 19.75 in.



So, it seems like everyone I know is either pregnant, has a pregnant wife, or has a cute little baby. Everyone at work is convinced that I’m next … well, not if I can help it! Unless their definition of “next” is “three or four years from now”, then they’re right :) (Even the baby birds in my backyard are adorable!)

Andrew is in Las Vegas right now, while I sit at home and attempt to clean and de-clutter our house. So far this morning I ate breakfast, went running, and then had lunch. I’ve done a little bit of cleaning, but right after I got out of the shower the cats decided to knock over one of my framed photos, and they shattered the glass all over the floor. Then just a few minutes ago I started to hear one of our smoke detector beeps go off, which means I have to change the battery or I’ll just go insane with all the beeping. Then, I called Office Max cause we were expecting a delivery, and it turns out that even though they tried to deliver yesterday, left a “Sorry we missed you an we’ll try delivering again” note, it wasn’t there when I checked but they have it in their system as having delivered it. Hmm.


Here’s a photo of my new car. I’ve been having a lot of fun driving it around. I’m really happy with the purchase so far … which is good since I’ll be making payments on this for the next five years :)

Work is going great. Last week was the first week of my new job within my building, and I really like it so far. It is such a change from my last job, which includes switching to “regular” hours and days, and now Ace and I are on the same schedule. (This is good cause we can carpool to work, since gas prices are soaring … it was $3.29 out in town yesterday, and only a little bit cheaper on base!) Hopefully I will be moving into a Navy leadership position soon as well, which I am looking forward to.

Andrew leaves for Las Vegas this week to attend our friends’ wedding — Jen Kidwell and Brian Schooley. I’m not going since I already have plans to take more than three weeks of leave in June. Well … at least I’ll get the house to myself for a few days to do some major cleaning :)


I made an amazing discovery today. My cats have been peering outside our back door at some birds that have been hanging around lately, and so I decided to check it out. Just to the right of our back door we have a hanging basket filled with silk flowers, and it seems that some birds decided to make it their home. I took this photo today after I found the nest and baby bird … I’m probably going to peek in regulary to see the other babies hatch out of their eggs :)

Andrew and I bought a new car this weekend, a Honda CRV SE. Actually, it’s “my” car, since he just got one this last December :). I needed a vehicle with 4-doors, since mine was a small two-door coupe, and eventually we’ll have kids and need to stow them in the back easier. Plus, if we get the cars now, then they’ll be paid off while we have two incomes coming in … I’m not planning on working when we start having kids … preferably after I get out of the Navy in about 4 or 5 years.

I started working a day job this week. It’s going to be so nice to have “normal” hours, and I’ll have the same time off that my husband does, which is definitely the best part. We’re planning on starting to go to church regularly now, since I won’t have to work on Sundays, and we’ll probably make going to the beach a semi-regular weekend routine. We went to a beach lagoon in Ko’olina with Dave McLaughlin and Eric Schwarze last weekend (an extremely beautiful resort not too far from where we live) and had a really good time. It’s probably one of the best locations to see a beautiful beach in Oahu, since it’s not near Waikiki and so there aren’t nearly as many people.

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