So, it seems like everyone I know is either pregnant, has a pregnant wife, or has a cute little baby. Everyone at work is convinced that I’m next … well, not if I can help it! Unless their definition of “next” is “three or four years from now”, then they’re right :) (Even the baby birds in my backyard are adorable!)

Andrew is in Las Vegas right now, while I sit at home and attempt to clean and de-clutter our house. So far this morning I ate breakfast, went running, and then had lunch. I’ve done a little bit of cleaning, but right after I got out of the shower the cats decided to knock over one of my framed photos, and they shattered the glass all over the floor. Then just a few minutes ago I started to hear one of our smoke detector beeps go off, which means I have to change the battery or I’ll just go insane with all the beeping. Then, I called Office Max cause we were expecting a delivery, and it turns out that even though they tried to deliver yesterday, left a “Sorry we missed you an we’ll try delivering again” note, it wasn’t there when I checked but they have it in their system as having delivered it. Hmm.


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