This is my cute little nephew, Christian, and my brother Nate in the background :) I had the pleasure of babysitting both of my nephews today. I’m actually still at their house watching the boys so Jodi (my sister-in-law) can get some sleep :) Pretty much everyone is sleeping right now, except for me, which is quite all right. My sleep cycle is getting all messed up from staying up late, and today is a nice kick-in-the-butt to get me back on a normal schedule. I really hate sleeping in waayyyy late. A few hours is okay, but sleeping until noon is just icky. Well, most of the time it is ;)



I’ve been on leave for the past week to the mainland, spending most of my time in Nebraska. Right now I’m in Colorado with my parents on a mini-vacation. My dad and I hiked up a steep canyon to a place called Hanging Lake. It was so beautiful and such a good workout! This morning I went running on a trail that runs right in the canyon next to a river. It was beautiful … I wish I could run that every day ;)

It’s been so nice spending time with my family. I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with my baby nephews, too. The next time I see them after I leave they will both probably be all grown up! Hopefully I’ll get to make it out here before they grow up too much.

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This last weekend I ran in the Hawaiian Half Marathon. It was the first half-marathon I’ve ever done, and the longest race I’ve run so far. My feet are still healing (I had quarter-sized blisters on each foot, in the instep) and my throat is scratchy, I think from all the breathing! But other than that the run was great! I feel like I ran it really strong and steady … I can’t wait for the Honolulu Marathon in December :)

I leave tonight for Lincoln, Nebraska. I’m visiting my family for a good three weeks. I’m so excited! It always feels good to be home, and I’m brining my camera and tripod to document the whole thing :)