I’ve finally decided to delve into the world of stock photography. I was reading through my Popular Photography magazine and found an article about it, and though I’d heard of this in the past and even slightly considered it, I thought that now would be a good time to start. I searched around and found this great site on how to make my own cardboard box studio to shoot small objects, and it works like a gem! (The photos above are a few I’ve taken in the last couple of days.) I’m signed up at a great stock photo site called Shutterstock but I haven’t quite gotten started. They review ten photos of all new photographers before they allow them to officially join, and I haven’t submitted my photos for that quite yet. I’m kind of waiting on the new Nikon Coolscan V ED I just bought online the other day so I can put some of my earlier work on the site … it will allow me to scan all of my negatives into digital form. Yay! I’ve been procrastinating way too long on getting it, and now it will be here within a few weeks :)

The above photos are Copyright 2006 Nicole Young. Please visit for purchase information.

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