I just went on the best run I’ve had in a while. It felt so good, the sun was a beautiful deep red, setting behind the clouds and just absolutely gorgeous. Ah, I feel great.

Also, here’s what my new business cards look like … not too flashy, but I didn’t want to start out too crazy ;)


Minty Fresh

This is a photo of some of the herbs that Andrew has grown so far in his garden. He has mint and basil growing beautifully, and there are some small peppers starting to emerge from one of the other plants. I think he’ll be happy to see how they’ve done when he gets back … they are full to the point that I can probably start cooking with them. Yay!

I’m still dreaming of a beautiful portrait studio … I can’t wait to start getting the equipement! In about three weeks (hopefully) I should be able to start getting the stuff I need and get it up and running. I’m hoping that it won’t be too frustrating setting it all up. I just recently bought a new accessory for my camera that (theoretically) allows me to transmit the images directly to my computer via a wireless network and FTP. I am having the most difficult time trying to set it up … I think I have the wireless connection down ??? but I don’t know a thing about how FTP works. So, this has been totally frustrating me and taking up a lot of time with trying to figure it out by trial-and-error … and lots and lots of error!

I got my first set of business cards in the mail today :) Once I get my studio set up then I’ll feel like a “real” photographer. It’s only a matter of time :)

Photo Copyright Nicole Young, 2006.


I managed to complete everything I wanted to this weekend. I finished my online psych quiz for class, ran 4 miles this morning, and mowed the lawn (that’s usually Andrew’s job … I hate yardwork!). I guess that the psych class I’m taking is helping me out — it’s a class on motivation ;) So, I’m feeling pretty good right now. I still want to clean the house up a bit, but that’s not too pressing. It’s only 4:30 pm so I have all evening … but the new season of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition starts tonight. I’m doomed … I got into way too many t.v. shows last year and now I can’t take myself away from them! This summer has been a nice break from t.v., even though I am looking forward to the new season ;)

The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 2000. (Sunset in Monterey, California)

In the works

I’ve decided that I am going to build a small portrait studio in my house, after I talk to my hubby about it when he gets back, of course. I guess there’s not going to be much building, but more buying of lots of equipment. I’m already starting to save up to get what I need … I even have “clients” already willing to let me take some photos of them and/or their kids! I’m doing it for free, or in exchange for their signature on a model release so I can post the photos to iStock and try and sell them. I’m still new to portrait/studio photography so I’m going to use a lot of guinea pigs until I feel I’m well established. Right now it’s all I can think about … my brain is so obsessed with photo stuff right now I can hardly sleep without dreaming of taking photos! Ahhh! Well, it’s what I love to do so it’s not so bad :) Hopefully one day I can make it my “career” and do it full-time :)

(The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 1997.)

Burnin’ the midnight oil

I started taking an online psychology class this week. So far it’s going well … I’m not looking forward to writing the two papers I have to do later on in the class. I’ve never had to write a paper for any college class I’ve taken (all four of them!) and so I’ll probably screw up the format and reference stuff. It’s an upper-level class, too, so I probably won’t get much slack from the teacher!

Ever since I’ve finished working the 12-hour mid shift, my sleep has been all messed up. I go to bed at 6 pm, wake up around midnight, and then stay up until I have to go to work. I’m hoping that this weekend I’ll be able to nap in the afternoon and maybe get back on track. (It’s Saturday morning at 3 am right now … I’ve been up for two hours already!)

I’m still busy with photos … I’m almost 1/3rd of the way done scanning all of my film. I guess it’s going a little bit faster than I expected. It’s fun going through all of these photos … I haven’t looked at some of these in almost ten years so it’s brining back a lot of good memories :)

(The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 1998)


I’ve been slowly working on reorganizing my house. It’s a slow process. But, I was very relieved to find my Nikon F4 in my closet. It wasn’t downstairs with the rest of my photo equipment, and so I was really worried that it “disappeared” somehow. I’m so glad I found it!

Speaking of photo stuff, I think I’m addicted to my computer. Now that Andrew is gone for a while I find myself sitting here all the time! I’m either scanning photos (like the one above I scanned in yesterday), uploading them to stock sites, editing them on Photoshop, or all of the above at the same time! I definitely need to make this my job, since I love to do it so much!

I’ve recently been pondering the idea of actually putting a small portrait studio in my house. It will be on the main floor and I’ll have to move some things around (which I’ve already started to do!) but I think it will fit. I might need to take the ceiling fan down though … I’m going to have to consult with Andrew on this when he gets back! I can’t really start building it anyways, since it will cost me at least $800 for the basic materials and I kind of don’t have that much money right now. If I actually make enough money selling stock then I think it will go towards my new photo gear, but I’ve got a long way to go before I make a significant amount of $$ (plus the ironic thing is that I need a studio to shoot the kind of photos that sell, but I need to sell photos to get the $$ for the studio!)

(The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 1998)


It’s been a slow weekend for me. Andrew’s out again, so I have some time to myself. I was working 12-hour-mids the last two weeks, and so now I’m finally getting back to a day schedule. I don’t mind working those hours, but it sucks having a day off and being awake at those hours. Well, I’m back on schedule now.

I’m running in a 20k tomorrow (12.4 miles). It’s not too far from where I live so that’s nice … most of them are downtown or on the other side of the island. That’s probably the only productive thing I’ll do this weekend! Well, not if I can help it, I guess. I sit at my computer so much nowadays, getting photo stuff scanned and stock photos uploaded … I enjoy it but it takes up so much time. Too bad I can’t get paid for doing it yet ;)

(The above photo is Copyright Nicole Young, 1997.)