Here is my first official photo taken with my Alien Bees lights. I’m still waiting on the rest of my studio gear to arrive in the mail … after that I should be able to start taking people photos. :)

Last night was the Navy Ball, celebrating the Navy’s 231st birthday. It was okay … it seemed to be lacking in a lot of the typical traditional ceremonies that you usually see at those events, which was disappointing. I got all dressed up in my dinner dress uniform, and Andrew wore his tux. I even got to meet the MCPON, who is the most senior ranking enlisted member in the Navy — that was pretty cool, he even gave me a coin! I have a bunch of photos of last night and I’ll be posting those a little bit later in the week.

Image Copyright Nicole Young, 2006.


I’ve posted this image here before, but I learned a new trick on Photoshop from a magazine and just tried it out. Kinda cool, huh! I really need to update my Photoshop skills, and so I’m using a magazine called Photoshop User to try and get better.

If you’ve seen the news lately you all know that there was recently an earthquake here in Hawaii! I didn’t feel it, cause I was in the middle of a 30k race (that’s 18.6 miles). I noticed all the power going out but figured it was just the pouring rain I was running in that knocked it out ;) I actually was a little bit nervous about that run, since I’ve been a little bit sick (okay, and a little lazy) and didn’t train at all for it. But I finished it in a decent time and didn’t hurt myself in the process :) Now I just have a 5k this weekend, another half-marathon in a few more weeks, and then the Honolulu Marathon on December 10! I’m just hoping to cross the finish line, and not worried about time at all, which means it will probably take me more than five hours to do :)

Miracle Grow

Back in May, my mother-in-law was visiting and happen to spread some tomato seeds in our “yard”, or should I say the rocky area next to the garage (see the photo above). Somehow those little seeds sprouted into a full-grown plant, and they even managed to grow a full-fledged tomato! I was so surprised to see it there, amazed that it grew on its own and also that the birds hadn’t eaten the it yet. There were plenty of tiny bugs flying around it, but the tomato seemed to be in one piece. Wow. God is really amazing … I guess it’s really true about building on a rock :) The tomatoes seem to like it!