Miracle Grow

Back in May, my mother-in-law was visiting and happen to spread some tomato seeds in our “yard”, or should I say the rocky area next to the garage (see the photo above). Somehow those little seeds sprouted into a full-grown plant, and they even managed to grow a full-fledged tomato! I was so surprised to see it there, amazed that it grew on its own and also that the birds hadn’t eaten the it yet. There were plenty of tiny bugs flying around it, but the tomato seemed to be in one piece. Wow. God is really amazing … I guess it’s really true about building on a rock :) The tomatoes seem to like it!

2 thoughts on “Miracle Grow

  1. Here I am sitting in the kitchen at the computer with Jonathan and Hannah nearby…Jonathan read your entry with moi. He said, “Man, that tomato looks good”. He’ll help you eat it if you like!I’m glad the seeds sprouted. Hannah and I are dreaming about returning to Guatemala, and when/if we do, we hope to have a huge garden. If you don’t go down there this winter, maybe you can come down after we get there and see our okra!Actually, there is some exciting news to report…Josiah just signed the final papers yesterday for the purchase of his own property. I think it’s 23×23 meters, and it’s already got banana trees and onions and corn planted. Amarilis says that there is other stuff planted. He is also the proud owner of half a little hill, which will open up some unique opportunities to him.So! I like your blog. mom

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