I’ve posted this image here before, but I learned a new trick on Photoshop from a magazine and just tried it out. Kinda cool, huh! I really need to update my Photoshop skills, and so I’m using a magazine called Photoshop User to try and get better.

If you’ve seen the news lately you all know that there was recently an earthquake here in Hawaii! I didn’t feel it, cause I was in the middle of a 30k race (that’s 18.6 miles). I noticed all the power going out but figured it was just the pouring rain I was running in that knocked it out ;) I actually was a little bit nervous about that run, since I’ve been a little bit sick (okay, and a little lazy) and didn’t train at all for it. But I finished it in a decent time and didn’t hurt myself in the process :) Now I just have a 5k this weekend, another half-marathon in a few more weeks, and then the Honolulu Marathon on December 10! I’m just hoping to cross the finish line, and not worried about time at all, which means it will probably take me more than five hours to do :)

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