Almost there …

I’m alone, once again. I dropped Ace off at the airport this morning for another journey out to sea. He’s supposed to be home by Christmas … I’ll be crossing my fingers and toes until I hear from him ;) Angie, my sister, will be here too! I’m excited … only a month and a half until the holidays :)

I should be getting the rest of my studio gear in the next week. I’m just waiting on the background stuff, and then I can take people pics! I took the above photo today; it’s my version of a “Christmas” martini … it’s really just water with food coloring ;)

I’ve been rethinking the marathon thing, and I think that I’m going to go ahead and do it. I just want to finish, that’s my only goal (oh, and not being the very last person to finish too!). So, wish me luck :)

Someone commented on my last post that my blog was hard to read … if you were that person (or have any insight on the matter) could you please be a bit more specific? Is it the font size? Colors? Maybe it’s just your computer/browser’s settings that don’t mesh with mine. Hmm.


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