Angie made it to iStock :) This is a photo taken at the beach near where we live. What sexy legs!! ;)

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Here’s one of the photos of me running the Honolulu Marathon a few weeks ago. I bought a whole CD of all the photos they took of me, which ended up being about 15 images. This is my favorite one, cause I look like I’m really running. The other ones I’m smiling and waving at the camera, which is nice, but this shows the real deal ;)

Pay it Forward

So, I decided that today would be a good day to mow my front lawn. So I get the lawn mower, weed-wacker, rake, broom, and blowy-thing and head on out. I get about half-way done, just after raking the leaves and doing the initial mowing, when my neighbors come by (who happened to be doing their lawn too) and was like “can I trim the edges for you?” I was like “do they look that bad! Okay, if you want to!” So he proceeded to trim the edges. Then, after he was finished, I started sweeping up the grass and leaves, but then they finished with theirs and started picking up mine too! I was like “no, it’s okay, I’ll do it!” But they just kept it up … they were so helpful … it was so sweet! So, I raked my other neighbor’s leaves from her yard to pay it forward ;)


Aaaahhh … finally done with my college class. I’m having a nice relaxing weekend, my house is (mostly) clean, and aside from finishing my college today, I did a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been playing around with my photo equipment, and I’m realizing that I really do need at least another AB-1600, stand, and soft box. My “wish-list” doesn’t stop there, but that’s my first priority! In time, Niki ;) Gotta save up some $$, cause this stuff isn’t cheap!

I took a quick video of my cat Kashi, if you’re interested. He likes to jump in our sink and drink water from the faucet, but the water fills up all around him at the same time. You can check it out here.


Such a good week :) First, I ran the Honolulu Marathon on Sunday — my first one! I finished in 5:11:38, which is a lot better than I was expecting. My goal was just to cross the finish line, and I’m really happy with how I did. It was so much fun! I can’t wait until next year :)

Just yesterday I found out that I’m getting a new job at work! I’m going to be one of the people in charge of physical fitness for the command. It seems to be mostly an admin job, but I like that kind of work. I start on Monday … I’m so excited!

Just today I finally got the last thing I’ve been waiting for to finish off my mini-photo studio. These photos are my first attempts at taking photos with all of my equipment. I still could use another light to balance the shadows on the right side of my face, but for now it works great :)

Busy week

This is now my best selling image on iStock, even though it’s been on the site the least amount of time (compared to my other photos). I guess it’s just that time of year! I actually took this photo a few years ago while sitting in the back of a limo on a tour of Christmas lights in Richmond, VA with Andrew and a bunch of friends. :)

I’m back in Hawaii now. It was nice to be home and visit with family again. It was especially nice to see my nephews, since they grow up so fast and I miss it all! Andrew is still gone, but hopefully will be home before Christmas. I expect work to be kinda crazy the next week or so, too … I “applied” for a new position at work and really hope to get it. I’m not sure what my chances are, so I’m really anxious about finding out, which might be sometime soon. I’m also attempting the marathon this upcoming Sunday, so I have a lot to be nervous about this week!

The above photo is Copyright 2006 Nicole Young. Please visit for purchase information.