Work and fun

This week was busy. Regular work was busy as usual, and then I had mid-watch last night so my whole weekend is shot (I woke up at 2pm today … I’m just hoping I can fall asleep at a normal time so I’m not dead all day tomorrow!)

To balance out the busy-ness I have had some new “toys” to play with. I just got a new camera, a Nikon D200 with an MB-D200 battery pack to give it some more power and the bulk of a pro SLR I’m very much used to. To top it all off I also got a new video iPod. I’m a bit overwhelmed with stuff to do right now :) I also have a whole bunch of photos that need processing (I had around 100 … about 1/4 of the way through them so far). The photo above is one of them I took last weekend withe my new black background.

The above photos are Copyright 2007 Nicole Young. Please visit for more information.

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