June 28, 2008

My husband LOVES his cigars. He smokes one just about every day, so I use the opportunity to take photos! I’ve just started doing this, really, ever since embarking on Project 365 on Flickr and I needed my photo-of-the-day. He doesn’t really like a camera pointing at him though, so I try not to be too pushy when I take photos. I was really happy that he was willing to sit down and smoke in the garage while I snapped some photos with my light set-up … I think they turned out okay (I need to get some barn-doors to really get the perfect look I was looking for).




My friend Amy had a Frisbee thrown in her face on Friday, and I though it would be a great opportunity to get some powerful images with her black eye! She’s never modeled for me before, but we had a lot of fun and the images turned out great! (You know how sometimes you can just see the perfect image in your head before you shoot? It feels soooo good to actually capture it!)

I decided to use this image for the recent TWiP challenge. The funny thing is that the theme they used for this challenge (strength) was suggested by me, but I had no idea what image I would actually take to accomplish the theme. When I thought up this shoot just a few days ago, I realized that it would also fit in well with the challenge!


June 25, 2008

My friend Amy and her kids showed up yesterday. They are staying with us for about a month until their house is ready to move in to. It’s really good to see them … she’s such a good friend, and her kids are a joy to be around. Plus, they are so much fun to photograph! Even Amy is going to be modeling for me … I have sooo many ideas for shoots running through my head now!