This year has been a huge change for me.  Almost exactly one year ago I separated from the Navy to focus on photography, but also to have the ability to be a stay-at-home mom when the time comes (no little ones yet, though!).  My husband is still in the Navy, so I will be following him around for the next several years until he retires.  We moved to California at the beginning of 2008 after being in Hawaii for three years, and it’s unbelievable that we’ve already been here for a full year!  Time really flies.  I’ve even taken some classes for fun at a local college (thanks to the GI Bill) and learned a thing or two, and also made some really great friends along the way.

Now, looking back, I know I’ve had a great year.  It’s been bumpy on some stretches of the road, but also really fun and eventful.  I’ve traveled to Utah and Arizona to meet up with iStock friends and get some great photos, and went to Photoshop World in Vegas in the summer.  Even these last few weeks have been amazing!  I was recently a guest on This Week In Photography, a podcast and blog that I’ve been a fan of since they started in January.  I was also interviewed by Frederick Johnson on his website (as seen in the video above), where I talk mostly about iStockphoto & photography.

I’m really excited to see how the next few years will go.  I’m getting more and more motivated about photography, and am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who is supporting me through it all.  Overall, the community of photographers online are so amazing and really make this venture so worthwhile!  I am really happy with the path I have chosen and hope I am able to motivate and inspire others in the process.  I know I would not be anywhere without the knowledge and inspiration of other photographers and Photoshop experts online … my hats go off to you all and I hope I can bring something to the masses as well. :)

Happy New Year, everybody!!!


3 thoughts on “2008

  1. Very interesting synopsis for this year. I’ve recently started following you after the TWIP interview, both on Twitter and your blog.

    You are starting to become more and more known in the photography world. I am curious, what do you think it is, that you did, that really sparked your popularity? How did you go about getting your name & photos into the public eye to get them noticed? Was it iStock or Flickr? or Your blogging?

    I you would care to share your thoughts on that I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks & have a wonderful new year!

  2. Hi Greg, thanks for the comment!

    That’s a tough question. I think that just getting myself out there and showing my photography is what helped, and being active within both the iStock and Flickr communities. I also have Scott Bourne to thank for it all, really … he asked me to be on the show and help out with the TWIP blog; I’m not sure where this all will take me but it should be a fun journey. :)

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