MacWorld Photowalk

Last week I had the opportunity to drive up to San Francisco and spend some quality time amidst Apple fanatics and gadget geeks. Ah, it was so wonderful. Yet, for some reason I now have a strange desire to buy an iPhone (I think I was one of five other people without one at the Moscone Center … seriously).  This could possibly be due to what I like to call “Apple Osmosis” … the more I am around the wonderful iPhone the more I want one.  Patience, young grasshopper …

Anyhoo, I did have a wonderful time. Overall it wasn’t the stuff on the floor, or even the cool stuff that was announced, that made it worthwhile. I went to MacWorld to re-connect with friends and meet others for the first time. That’s really what it is all about! I was lucky enough to snag a killer seat at the live MacBreak Weekly show (I’m the one wearing green), and finally met Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay from TWIP. :)

Overall I had some really great experiences which I definitely won’t forget.  The first one was dinner with the iStockphoto crew at “Slanted Door” … and OMG that was the best meal I have ever had!  Wow.  But the delicious food wasn’t the only thing great about it … meeting up with the iStock staff is always such a pleasure!  They must take naps and get fresh oven-baked cookies everyday in iStock HQ cause those guys are always so laid back, relaxed, and just seem to love their job!

Next was a brief, yet enjoyable photo walk with Frederick Johnson, Liana Lehua, & Lisa Bettany.  We walked around and took photos (duh), talked, and even made a quick video of everyone wearing bunny ears with Liana’s (borrowed) Nikon D90 & my Lensbaby Composer. Here are some of my photos from the walk, most which were taken with my Lensbaby (and a few other images from the expo floor) … oh so fun!

The last, but certainly not least, adventure I had was when I met and had lunch with Scott Bourne and Liana Lehua.  We talked mostly about photography, but what I soaked up from that afternoon (other than the margarita) was a heartfelt conversation with two people who really have a lot of passion about what they do, and have a great desire to help others along the way.  I came home feeling inspired and motivated; Scott is such a nice guy and I have a lot of respect for him and what he is doing.  It’s really great to have someone like that out there to mentor and help me in my life-long pursuit of becoming a better photographer.



One thought on “MacWorld

  1. Hey Nicole, you’re certainly getting a lot of press lately. You’re everywhere!

    I think Apple put something in the water. I’m struggling to resist the iPhone and most of their other products too. I’m letting myself upgrade to a MacBook next month, but even with that to look forward to, I’m still struggling.

    Great to be able to meet the people you work with and your heros. I love that about conferences!


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