Storm’s a Brewin’

Nikon D200, Lensbaby Composer, Double-Glass Optic, f/4

I photographed this weathervane yesterday afternoon … kinda “Wizard of Oz”-ish, huh? I was sweeping up a driveway when I noticed the sky and stopped to take some photos. It never did rain, just gave me the perfect sky for a cool photo.

(The photo was edited using Adobe Lightroom 2 and Silver Efex Pro)


On The Road

Nikon D200, Lensbaby Composer, Double-Glass Optic, f/4

I’m heading out to Las Vegas this week for Photoshop World, and I brought my Lensbaby along (of course!). This is one of my favorites from the road-trip.

I can’t wait to try it out on the lights in Vegas … a prime location for some awesome Lensbaby shots, IMO. :)

Oh, Lensbaby

Canon 5D, Lensbaby Composer, Double-Glass Optic, f/2.8

I have been lovin’ my Lensbaby Composer lately. I’m in the middle of a personal project with it right now, and trying to get better, and quicker, at using it. I plan on fully integrating it into my photography on a regular basis and so my goal is to master it.

For those of you not familiar with the Lensbaby, it’s a manual-focus lens that can “wobble” around to find a “sweet spot” of focus within your frame. (Check out their site here to learn more.) It takes some getting used to, but creates a really amazing effect once you get it down.

Also, here’s a quick tip on using your Lensbaby – once you have the basics down, if you want to get fast with it, try to photograph pets and children! They move really quickly and it’s very challenging to get them in focus … and trust me, it really does help! :)

“Say I Do”

"Say I Do"
My friend Rich Legg and I were asked to photograph our friend’s wedding in November, and they also asked if we could photograph and design their wedding invitation. They wanted the invite to look like the front and back DVD cover of the movie “Say Anything” … Rich did the photography and I did the Photoshop work. We had lots of fun, and I think we got it pretty close to the original. :)