Book Cover

"Agent Bishop"

A friend of mine recently pointed me to an image of mine in use … on a book! (Here’s the link to the book on Amazon.) I see my photos used all the time and most of them are found in use on the web some where (like in a blog or a news article) but it’s always a much bigger deal to see them in print.

So, I went to the local bookstore to buy a copy that I can add to my collection of “images in-use” (doubt that I will read it … lol). They did do some Photoshop work to the image on the shirt – here’s the original so you can take a look.


12 thoughts on “Book Cover

  1. Wow, that’s really cool. I felt the same way when I saw one of my photographs in a magazine. There’s just something special about being in print. BTW – I liked the original better.

  2. “Mike fought crime and Satan with a pistol in one hand and scriptures in the other…”

    Haha! Well, at least your picture is a good one!

  3. Great, stuff Nicole! I also had one of my images from iStock used on a book cover… in Belgium! :) It took some doing, but I finally got a copy of the book. It’s very cool to see your image in print! :) Do you know of any ways to better find your images in use? I think it would be really interesting.


  4. Does a user have to purchase a different license through iStock when using something in a manner such as this as opposed to on a blog/website?

  5. @Josh – They do sell special “extended” licenses for some uses (like if they are making more prints than the original license allows or if they are using it in an item for resale, like a greeting card, etc.) This one was just a normal use of the license.

    @Rob – Most of the time other people find my images in use, especially when it’s not online. For online stuff I use Google alerts and Tineye to find my photos.

  6. Congrats Niki–great image. But since it is an item for resale, shouldn’t it require an extended license regardless of how many books they print? That’s my understanding.

  7. Never mind, I contacted compliance enforcement about an image of mine that was recently used in a book and they said that since the main product was the content of the book (the words, story, ideas, etc.), not the packaging, that only a standard license was required. Now we know.

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